Professional Sales Course Overview

Course Description

Online Live Course Duration – 12 Hours of Live Instructor lead training split into 4 Half Days

Updated for the realities of the highly researched shopper in a socially distanced world!

Some customers are very sensitive and their short-list is shorter than ever before. They are in a varied state of comfort and visiting fewer dealerships and are highly knowledgeable.

We need to be able to meet them where they are in their shopping journey and help them navigate through the best way to purchase their vehicle and be comfortable with the process.

They are much further into the decision process, so how do we proactively lead and help clients to a positive buying decision and respect personal and professional guidelines?

Learning Objectives

1. Psychology of selling

• Understanding the automotive industry and how a client-focused approach to selling follows success principles.

• Eliminate negative preconceptions and develop a personal success formula.

• Help participants understand the buyer decision process. Unlock why buyers behave as they do.

2. Leadership of the buying process and transitions

• To have participants see how our selling best practices exactly mirror the client decision-making process.

3. Overview of the Buying Cycle

• Participants will understand the importance of taking a leadership role in the buying cycle.

4. Introduction

• Participants will have an understanding of how to conduct a proper Introduction and Transition to the Consultation.

• Participants learn word tracks to identify the shopper who has already selected a vehicle from online research.

• Participants learn how to prepare for and introduce themselves to a BDC-generated appointment.

5. Consultation

• Participants will be able to conduct a proper consultation to get an understanding of the client’s needs, lifestyle, budget, and vehicle requirements.

• Participants learn to adapt their approach to meet the needs of a customer who has conducted online research prior to their visit.

• Participants will be able to find the right selection or confirm a selection that a customer has already made, based on his or her needs and available stock.

• How to effectively transition to the presentation.

6. Presentation

• Participants will understand how to present and personalize a vehicle’s features, advantages, and benefits based on the customer's needs and want.

7. Demonstration

• Participants learn a planned approach to the demonstration.

• Transitioning to Build Added Value.

8. Building Added Value

• Be able to answer the question “Why should I buy here?” and build value in the dealership.

• Be able to transition to Information Review.

9. Information Review and Terms to Own

• Understanding how to confirm mental ownership.

• Understanding how to maintain leadership.

• Understanding the customer’s Terms to Own, and why this should be agreed upon preceding figures.

• Understand and develop skills in gathering information for the worksheet/proposal and working with trades.

1. Terms to Own

• To get a practical application of the skills of the Terms to Own.

2. Presenting Figures

• Participants learn to develop skills around presenting figures and justifying trade value.

3. Overcoming Objections

• Participants learn how to professionally respond to Objections and solve problems.

4. Management Involvement

• Participants learn how to professionally involve a manager when difficulties arise.

5. Financial Choices – Business Office Turnover

• Participants learn a professional and effective turnover process.

6. Delivery / Follow-up

• Participants learn how they participate in the professional delivery.

• Participants understand the delivery is not the end but the start of a long-term relationship.

• Participants learn how to position the customer for referrals and leverage the customer’s social media.

7. Follow-up / Locate / Personal Marketing

• Participants learn how professionals develop their own traffic and repeat business.

• Participants quantify what their effort in locating opportunities is worth to them.

8. Tracking for Success

• Participants understand the value of personal accountability and self-analysis.

What did participants like most about the program?

  • The first part of the introduction was super interesting
  • Two-way communication was excellent 
  • Improving my sales skills and bring me to another level
  • The way it motivates and changed my closing style
  • Role Play sessions
  • The skill of closing sales / Dealing with customers using a proper way
  • The way it motivates and improves
  • How to present and lead the customer
  • Role-play sessions
  • I can learn all the steps and the way to talk to the customer more confidently


Here's what participants said about the course?

  • This course was very helpful to me
  • I will sell at one more car a week because of this course
  • Great course / great instructors
  • All the consultants should learn from you guys
  • This will certainly improve my knowledge in the future
  • Thank you so much, this helps me a lot
  • This is my first day at Listowel Ford and I am very glad I had the opportunity to be in this class. Phil is a great mentor and a very good teacher. 

Listowel Chrysler – New Sales Consultant

  •  “I have now been in the car business for two months now and had a very successful start. In my first month of July, I sold 18 units and in the month of August, my number was 19… I want to thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge. I owe all to you for such a successful start."

MMDA Student

  • “Amazing Course! 3 hours into my first shift following their process, I was able to handle questions efficiently and do a proper qualification with my customer, brought the proper information to my Sales Manager, and were able to work within the customers' Terms to Own and get a deal done! Don't miss their courses, even if you're a seasoned vet!!!!"

Tom Anderson – Ledingham GM